CBD OIL 20% 2000MG Broad Spectrum (20ml)

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Key Features

  • Full Cannabinoid Profile with zero THC
  • Naturally Occurring Terpenes 
  • Sourced from Non-GMO, Hemp Grown Using only Organic Practices
  • Four Strengths
  • Free of Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Toxins, and Herbicides
  • Each batch tested by independent labs
  • Free from Excipients, Additives, Flavours, Colours or mixture of Oils


CBD Products Explained

CBD Oil in the UK is allowed only if it has under 0.2% THC and as per law the high street shops are allowed to sell CBD Oil with the total contents of cannabinoids of not more than 5%, therefore, if you are buying CBD Oil in the UK from a retailer, then you will be paying quadruple the price for a weaker product, in comparison, the strength of CBD in our Ultra Strength CBD Oil is equal to the four bottles that you will get on a high street shop.

The availability of weaker CBD oil products on the high street shops has triggered a very high demand of CBD oil sales online as a result of this trend a flood of unreliable products claiming to have the best CBD Oil in the UK have appeared for sale online, but in fact, these products contain hardly any CBD and often filled with metals, toxins, pesticides, and other harmful agents.

We at CBD Biotech Limited are on a mission to combat this highly unregulated market of the CBD Oil in the UK and Europe, making sure that our customers get the highest quality broad spectrum CBD Oil for sale at the lowest possible prices.

We reliably source the ingredients of our CBD products to produce the highest quality broad-spectrum CBD Oil for sale in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, and the rest of the World, where CBD hemp oil for sale is legal.